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Monday, November 28, 2016
Oil Changes - are they important


Neglecting to change your engine oil can lead to catastrophic engine failure, resulting in irreparable damage to its internal components so changing your car's engine oil is an arguably the most critical part of its maintenance.

Engine oil not only lubricates the internal engine components but also protects, cleans and cools these important parts and the older engine oil gets, the less effective it becomes at carrying out these jobs.

Over long periods of time, carbon deposits (a product of combustion) and foreign particulates (entering the engine via the air intake) collect in the oil, reducing its ability to flow around the engine effectively. Oil in this state can block the oil filter and narrow galleries through which it flows as well as potentially causing many other problems and once your oil is in thise condition it can cause engine components to seize and/or break.

Engine repair work is labour intensive and subsequently expensive - something that none of us want so avoid any problems by making sure you change your engine oil as per the manufacturer's recommendation. At Woodlands Service Centre, for normal use, we recommend you change your engine oil on an annual basis or every 10,000 miles, at the time of your vehicle service.

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